SCCFA Projects & Activities...

Save Cambodian Children Fund Australia (SCCFA) has been working with both local communities in Australia and Cambodian organisations on social and community development projects since 2003.

We've provided technical assistance and funding support to local NGOs such as Youth Star, CCT, CHEMS and HCC who provide support, advocacy and education to impoverished children and families.

Our ongoing project has been to construct a school in Palin which is one of the most poverty stricken areas of Cambodia. It is the most sustainable asset/resource that can be shared around without impoverishing the givers. In fact, the more you share it the more it grows.

SCCFA has chosen the remote, north-western Tumnop village of Sala Krau district in Pailin due to its lack of school facilities

The lack of school facilities in Palin forces nearly 50% of school aged children to stay at home, or to join the workforce in order to support their family's basic needs.

Moreover, the General Population Census of Cambodia in 2008 indicates that while remaining one of the poorest provinces in the country, the annual rural population growth rate for Pailin is 13.37% which is the highest in Cambodia.

Palin School...

Since its launch in January 2014, SCCFA school has become home to nearly 200 students in the remote province of Pailin, Cambodia.

However family poverty is excluding some students from attending the school regularly, as they are needed to help with family farming and household chores since the stomach is considered more of a priority than education.

Another challenge is retaining the teachers. As the school is very remote and under-resourced the lack of facilities like teaching and recreational materials, or even teachers' accommodation make it hard for the teachers to work effectively.

SCCFA is seeking support from the donor community to top up the teachers' wages to a more reasonable $150 a month.

Palin Teachers...

Currently the standard wage for a school teacher is $120 a month, not enough for a teacher to even support himself/herself.

Teachers have to resort to a second or even a third job to support their families.

There are only three teachers at SCCFA school, so we are seeking an on-going $90 a month in total to keep the school going.

Having study materials, like books and computers, will help motivate the students to study more.

Recreational or sporting material will also help keep the children active, as part of their physical and mental development. So, any donations will be much appreciated.

School Resources...

Although Cambodians greatly value education, at the end of the day, hunger comes before education.

So a $30 per month sponsorship per child will help keep each student at school and help them to break the cycle on entrenched poverty.

With $30 a month sponsorship, sponsors can help lighten the burden of hunger and motivate the student to acquire education to improve their lives.

It's basically $1 a day per child that we are seeking here.

We are happy to keep you informed on the child development or you can have direct contact with the sponsored child.