About SCCFA...

The Save Cambodian Children Fund – Australia (SCCFA), incorporated in 2003, is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-political and non-governmental organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers.

Funds raised by SCCFA are repatriated to carefully selected local NGOs in Cambodia where they are invested in programs and projects that protect and support the children and families who are the most severe victims of poverty.

Our Slogan

  • Empowerment through education

Our Vision

  • SCCFA aims to empower marginalised young Cambodians by providing education and support neccessary for them to improve their lives

Our Mission

  • To find funds for education development projects
  • To provide opportunity and support to Cambodian Children who are unable to access schooling
  • To offer educational resources and support to disadvantaged youths to enable them to realise their full potential
  • To organise events or activities that help community in Australia understand the plight of children in Cambodia

The Committee...

Executive Committee
Chairperson: Mr Sarim KHEM
Deputy Chairperson: Sineth Sareth SAR
Treasurer: Pichreasy THAI
Secretary: Putheavy PAN

Committee Members:
Ms. Leviseda Douglas
Mr. Soknath Khly
Ms. Karomy Dekort
Mr Samnang Robbins

Richard Suor LIM

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