The Children of SCCFA...

What we do

The SCCFA works in conjunction with local partners in Cambodia to educate and empower children who are subject to forced labour, exploitation and sex work, whilst being ignorant of the likelihood of infection through HIV/AIDS, and being deprived of their basic human rights.

The ultimate aims of SCCFA are to, through our local partners, facilitate the children and their families to take control of their lives and enable them to successfully stand on their own two feet through a range of programs.

Why we exist...

Our main aim is to work through our local partners to:

  • Maximize opportunities for children to access education and healthcare
  • Abolish child labour, slavery, abuse and exploitation in Cambodia
  • Promote basic human rights
  • Offer welfare support and advocacy to young Cambodians
  • Improve job opportunities through vocational training and education

Support programs...

Advocacy and information:

  • Educational support to enhance independence
  • Practical services that promote choices and options for change
  • Enabling young people to take control of their lives
  • Access to health care
  • Personal development
  • Family development
  • Awareness raising for communities living outside Cambodia